Middle School

An immersive learning experience for grades 6-8

Foundational skills for lifelong success

Middle school years are a pivotal time of adjustment and transition. It’s a period when children are maturing and coming into their own, forming friendships, and dreaming about the future. They’re also starting to prepare for the intellectual and social rigors of high school.

Where your child spends most of their day will have a tremendous impact in shaping them during this important interval of life. At Waterloo Christian School, we work hard to foster an environment where students grow academically, spiritually, and emotionally and develop into character-driven, life-ready graduates.

See how your child will thrive at WCS:

Our Private Middle School Culture
Academic Offerings
High School Prep
Safety Standards

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Inspiring growth and maturity

Middle school can be a trying season as pre-teens learn to navigate challenges and build wholesome relationships. We guide our students through this process by:

Building each other up

In our tight-knit community, students motivate each other, and teachers emphasize respect for others by engaging children in conversations that nurture healthy behaviors and Christ-centered living.

Developing character

Opportunities in chapel, homeroom, and service projects, as well as intentional relationships between teachers and students will help your child grow in character and faith.

Partnering with families

In collaboration with parents, children are encouraged to live out biblical values and school standards of excellence.

Supporting success

Students learn through love and discipline, which promotes accountability, self-control, and wise decision-making. While we study hard, we play hard too.

The teachers care for each student on such a deep personal level.

It is unlike any other school experience I’ve had or known of. God has truly blessed our family with Waterloo Christian School.

— 6th and 8th Grade Parent

Hands-On Learning

Your child will benefit from immersive learning experiences that encourage knowledge and skills development. They’ll be taught to think critically and creatively as they study language arts, math, science, history, and Bible. Additionally, we make it a point to have instructional moments both in and out of the classroom throughout our expansive 10-acre campus in Waterloo, Iowa.

Athletics and Activities

In middle school, students can participate in volleyball and basketball, with more sports offerings beginning in ninth grade. Additionally, fine arts opportunities include band, choir, drama, and visual arts.

Patriotic Program

A WCS tradition since 1975, our Patriotic Program is an annual spring event celebrating America’s freedom and the sacrifices of service men and women. It’s a time where our students, music department, and community come together in honor and remembrance.

Leadership Opportunities

Apart from our extracurricular offerings, your child can finetune their leadership skills as a member of our student council or worship team. Additionally, goal-setting is encouraged in each homeroom classroom, and volunteer opportunities to assist teachers are also available.

Setting them up for success — today and tomorrow

Everything we do at Waterloo Christian School is designed to help your child thrive. The result? Our middle school graduates are confident, responsible individuals who are ready for high school.


Some of the activities that foster mentorship at the middle school level include homeroom time, peer Bible studies, and co-curricular activities in which discipleship is highly prioritized.

Growth in All Circumstances

We know that some of the most profound opportunities for growth in life come through how we respond to mistakes and misses. In preparation for high school and beyond, we encourage students to assess those moments, and see how they can respond differently in the future for a more positive outcome.

Life-Ready Outcomes

We equip students for young adult life by guiding them to seek Truth, preparing them to endure challenges, and encouraging them to serve others and meaningfully impact the world for Christ.

Safeguarding their hearts and minds

Our teachers and staff cherish their connections with students and are committed to establishing an emotionally and spiritually safe environment where every child feels comfortable sharing any concerns they may have. 

We also work hard to maintain internal standards of safety within our school community. Students experience consequences for behavior that deviates from our standards, which they have pledged to live by. Though we desire behavior to improve when necessary, we are ultimately most concerned with heart transformation.

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