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While you want the best school environment for your child, one that encourages them to thrive academically, socially, and spiritually, you might be apprehensive about the costs involved.

Maybe you’re worried about how private school tuition may impact your family’s budget. Or it could be you feel you just can’t afford private school in this season of life.

You aren’t alone. We’re happy to share that an excellent Christ-centered education is accessible at Waterloo Christian School. You can be part of a school that aligns with your family’s values, provides strong academics and small class sizes, and encourages moral character development in a supportive community.

See how you can benefit from tuition reduction programs that can ease financial concerns and make private school education a reality for your child.

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Affording Private School Tuition at WCS

Affording a private school education doesn’t have to be out of reach. In fact, many of our families find that the state-funded Iowa Education Savings Account (ESA) program significantly reduces out-of-pocket tuition expenses. While this is the primary way Waterloo Christian School families find tuition accessible, we also offer internal need-based financial scholarships.

As you consider Waterloo Christian School, we welcome your questions about educational savings accounts, tuition, financial aid, payment plans, or whatever else comes to mind. Our admissions team is here to help you through the important decision of finding the best Christian school for your son or daughter, and we hope you choose WCS.

Waterloo Christian School provides

an unmatched academic and spiritual foundation for children to grow and thrive. I currently have two children enrolled in programs through WCS and am consistently impressed with the personalized attention that is provided to my children and family. The school has grown rapidly over the last few years, but the quality of education remains high. The teachers go above and beyond in knowing my children and it provides so much peace knowing that they are in an environment where they are loved and challenged on a daily basis.

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An outstanding Christian education is within your reach.

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Tuition Rates

At Waterloo Christian School, our Clear Tuition Model offers transparency and ensures you won’t have any additional surprise costs throughout the year. Clear Tuition covers everything relating to educational expenses and is the tuition amount before any scholarship or ESA funds are applied. 

Additionally, we have a single tuition rate for all grade levels, regardless if your child is in elementary school, middle, or high school. We also offer three payment plans: monthly, annually, or biannually.

Tuition (2023-2024)
Grades K-12$8,500

Included in Tuition
  • Curriculum
  • Testing
  • All activities
  • Field trips
  • Student retreats
  • Sports participation
  • 1:1 device starting in fifth grade

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions we commonly hear from families who are considering a private Christian school education and exploring tuition costs. If you have additional questions that aren’t answered here, please contact Mallory Smith in our admissions office at or (319) 235-9309.

Families interested in attending our private school in Waterloo, Iowa, can apply for the state’s Educational Savings Account program to cover a majority of the cost of attendance. Qualifying families are eligible to receive $7,635 toward the cost of tuition. For most families, this means your out-of-pocket expense for tuition at WCS would be approximately $900 per child annually. That comes out to about $2.50 a day per child — a decidedly achievable investment offering eternal value!

ESA Program Eligibility
(Family income and household size is determined by using the past year’s Federal 1040 Tax Return, Line 9.)
Family CategoryIncome LimitationOut-of-Pocket Clear Tuition Cost
All new students (K-12)No income limitationApproximately $900 per child after ESA
Current WCS Family – Family Size of 2$59,160
Current WCS Family – Family Size of 3$74,580
Current WCS Family – Family Size of 4$90,000
Current WCS Family – Family Size of 5$105,420
Current WCS Family – Family Size of 6$120,840
Current WCS Family – Family Size of 7$136,260

The State of Iowa provides specific guidelines, instructions, and deadlines that families must follow to qualify for program eligibility.

If you qualify for the Education Savings Account program, it’s unlikely you’ll need other financial assistance. Families who don’t qualify for the state’s ESA program, however, can apply for internal tuition assistance, of which there is no cap. This includes the Legacy Scholarship, STO (Student Tuition Organization) Scholarship, and WCS Scholarship programs. 

If you would like to be considered for internal scholarships, please complete a financial scholarship application available through the Business Office. Tuition assistance applications are accepted from Nov. 15-April 30. All scholarship applications are processed through FACTS, a reputable third-party provider of K-12 support services.

No, submitting an application for tuition assistance has no bearing on an applicant’s admissibility.

To hold your enrollment spot, a non-refundable deposit of $300 is due by March 1. This amount is considered the first payment toward tuition and is not in addition to the tuition amount.

Yes, in addition to a variety of academic options, we have several opportunities for homeschooled children to learn and grow through sports participation, space permitting. Individual program tuition is as follows:

Homeschool Partnership Tuition Rates
K–5th Grade Specials Class (Music, Art, Library/STEM, Physical Education)$500/year
6th-12th Grade Specials Class (Band, Choir, Physical Education, Art)$750/year
9th-12th Grade Academic Class (English, Math, Science, History, Bible)$1,500/year
5th-6th Grade Sports (Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer)$120/year
7th-8th Grade Sports (Volleyball, Basketball, Golf, Soccer)$180/year
9th-12th Grade Sports (Volleyball, Basketball, Golf, Cross Country, Track, Football)$240/year
Application Fee for Sports-Only Students$50/year
Application Cost/Re-Enrollment Cost for Academic Courses$150/year

Homeschool Partnership families have the option of paying for the cost of their tuition in one up-front payment or splitting the costs into two payment schedules. Homeschool families who are enrolling through Waterloo Christian and applying an ESA toward the cost of tuition are subject to the State of Iowa program guidelines.

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