Fine Arts

Exploring our God-given Creativity


5th-12th Grade


K-12th grade

Visual Arts

K-12th grade

Patriotic Program

Annual Spring Program

Our Fine Arts program is dedicated to nurturing students’ creative talents and providing them with opportunities to various artistic areas. We celebrate the unique gifts of each student and encourage them to explore their artistic potential in a supportive and Christ-centered environment.

Our Fine Arts Offerings:

  • Visual Arts: Our visual arts curriculum includes drawing, painting, sculpture, and digital art. Students learn about art history, theory, and techniques while developing their own artistic style.
  • Theatrical Arts: Each year, our students have the opportunity to participate in an annual theater production. These productions allow students to experience the thrill of live theater, from auditioning and rehearsing to performing in front of an audience. Beyond the spotlight, students can explore the technical side of theater, including set design, lighting, sound, and costume design.
  • Drama Club: Our Drama Club provides a space for theater enthusiasts to gather, share ideas, and collaborate on projects. It’s a great way for students to connect with peers who share their passion for the performing arts.
  • Music: Our music program offers vocal and instrumental opportunities, including choir, band, and worship team. Students learn to read music, perform in ensembles, and appreciate various musical genres.
  • Drama: Our drama program provides students with the chance to explore acting, directing, and stagecraft. Through school plays and musicals, students develop their theatrical skills and gain confidence in their abilities to perform on stage.

Showcasing Talent:

  • Our students have numerous opportunities to showcase their talents throughout the year. We also participate in local and regional art and music competitions, where our students can gain recognition for their hard work and creativity.

Integrating Faith and Art:

  • In all our Fine Arts programs, we seek to integrate faith and art. We encourage students to use their artistic gifts to glorify God and express their spiritual journey.
  • Our curriculum includes discussions on how art can be used as a form of worship and a tool for communicating God’s love and truth.

Why Choose Fine Arts at WCS:

  • Our Fine Arts program provides a well-rounded education, helping students develop critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills.
  • Exposure to the arts fosters empathy, cultural awareness, and an appreciation for beauty and creativity in God’s world.
  • Participation in the arts can have a positive impact on academic performance, promoting discipline, focus, and a love for learning.

At Waterloo Christian School, we are committed to providing an enriching Fine Arts experience that inspires students to pursue excellence, explore their passions, and honor God with their talents.


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